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Addressing community problems is a crucial step toward creating a better living environment for everyone. 

Here are some common issues that often need to be reported and fixed:

Public Safety

1. Crime Rates: Increase in theft, vandalism, or violence. 

2. Poor Street Lighting: Areas that are not well-lit can be dangerous.


1. Potholes and Bad Roads: Can cause accidents and vehicle damage.

2. Broken Sidewalks: Pose a tripping hazard.

3. Inadequate Public Transport: Lack of reliable and efficient public transportation.

4. Dangerously leaning electrical posts

5. Dangerously low hanging cables

6. Busted water pipes.


1. Illegal Dumping: Harmful to both the environment and public health.

2. Pollution: Air and water pollution can have long-term health impacts.

3. Deforestation: Can lead to soil erosion and loss of wildlife habitats.

Health and Sanitation

1. Lack of Clean Water: Essential for daily life and hygiene.

2. Inadequate Waste Disposal: Can lead to health issues.

3. Spread of Disease: Due to poor sanitation or lack of healthcare facilities.

Social Issues

1. Homelessness: Needs both immediate and long-term solutions.

2. Unemployment: High unemployment rates can lead to social unrest.

3. Lack of Educational Facilities: Impacts the future of the youth in the community.

4, Taong grasa, mga batang namamalimos, kulang sa pag iisisp lalo na at nananakit


1. Corruption: Misuse of public funds can delay community development.

2. Lack of Transparency: Leads to distrust between the community and authorities.

If you’re based in a specific area like #Olongapo or #SubicBayPh, understanding the local context can help you identify which of these issues are most pressing. Once identified, these problems can be reported to local authorities or community boards, and perhaps even discussed in educational settings like #ComteqCollege to find solutions. 

Remember, a problem well-stated is a problem half-solved. Reporting these issues is the first step toward making your community, whether it’s #BatangGapo or elsewhere, a better place to live. #BigAim