What is NSTP?

Republic Act 9163 authorized the establishment of the National Service Training Program for Tertiary Level Students with the goal of promoting civic consciousness among young, instilling the spirit of nationalism in them, and advancing their involvement in public and civic activities. The National Service instruction Program (NSTP) is a program aimed to build the youth’s physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being, as well as to promote defense preparation and service ethics while completing instruction in any of its three program components. Its different components are specifically designed to increase youth participation in contributing to the public welfare.


Who are required to complete the NSTP?

Students enrolled in any baccalaureate degree program or at least two-year technical vocational program in public or private educational institutions must finish one of the NSTP components as a requirement for graduation.

Only the following are exempt:

i. Students who have already taken NSTP as part of a previous degree;

ii. Transferees and shiftes who completed the NSTP before transferring or shifting

iii. Aliens or foreign pupils

What is The NSTP Serial Number?

 A serial number serves an important purpose for any NSTP graduate since it keeps their data for completion of the course during college. The information contained within the serial number is used to verify the clearance and legitimacy of a graduate’s identification, military and personal rank, including tracking history record. The serial number is critical in the Philippine government simply because it serves as a unique identifier. for persons who undergo community service and military-trained troops.


Why we stored Serial number?

According to CNN Hong Kong, the Taiwan and China disputes are inevitable. US Vice President Joe Biden’s warning to the nation that the US would defend Taiwan against Chinese aggression has made headlines around the world and put growing tensions between the small democratic island and its neighboring autocratic superpower back under the spotlight. Unfortunately, as the tension continues to rise within the South Pacific, neighboring countries, such as the Philippines, are in danger of the upcoming war. As preparation within the war segment, the Philippine government encourages every college’s to have a record that holds its graduates’ data related to the national service training program to pull out these students as the country needs them to protect during a war crisis.

What are the purpose of this Website?

The primary goal of this website is to store the data of NSTP graduates in a well-organized manner that administrators can quickly access. This improves the clarity of NSTP records by making them easier to examine and accumulate. This website assists applicants in obtaining their serial numbers without directing them to offices. Additionally, the website serves as a viewpoint of every NSTP activity and event, as well as a report form for the community’s voices and reports.

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